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Get pain free and move better.
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Welcome to asanam.

Proven Wellness Solutions, designed for you.

Posture Alignment Therapy

Group and customised sessions that help you address postural issues and get relief from chronic pain.


Isha Classical

Hatha Yoga

Group or private Hatha Yoga Classes - offered in their most authentic form. Designed by Sadhguru.

Your Teacher

Sanam Dasmahapatra, Founder

After developing a musculoskeletal issue like Sciatica because of a sedentary lifestyle and hours of sitting at a desk, I turned to Posture Alignment Therapy and Classical Hatha Yoga which worked beautifully for me.

I understand and know what it's like to live with pain. I've overcome Sciatica and recovered from one of the worst fractures you can have (Tibial Plateau Fracture).

The impact of both these modalities has been truly significant and remarkable in terms of what it has done for my own wellbeing and I am very grateful that I can offer them to others.

Upcoming Programs

My Group Workshops are a wonderful place to start your journey, whether it's Classical Hatha Yoga or Posture Alignment Therapy.

Posture Alignment Therapy programs are conducted online and Classical Hatha Yoga programs are in-person only.


Vinnie, Thailand

Sanam made me feel very comfortable on our first meeting itself. My issue was Plantar Fasciitis , I was not able to start my first step in the morning without severe pain. Just after doing the exercises twice the excruciating pain almost disappeared. I am still doing other online exercises with her and they make me feel fresh and energetic!



Nithya Menen, India

I did the 5 day Isha Angamardana program with Sanam. I found her to be a good teacher. Very calm and composed. The course, I found, was also very beneficial. A good way to warm up before starting more intense forms of yoga.


Sathyananda, India

I highly recommend Sanam's Hatha Yoga practices. Her teaching style is clear, patient and compassionate. I have attended her classes and found her to be very knowledgeable and skilled in guiding people through the various yoga postures. I have noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and overall well-being. 

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