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Get pain free and fix your posture with
private + group sessions

Are you ready to treat the cause instead of chasing after the symptom?

Then it's time for you to learn how your Posture affects your Pain. The body is a unit and must be treated as one. Misaligned posture and habitual movement patterns can cause pain. 


First, do a quick
Posture Assessment.

Stand in front of a mirror (do not pose or try to hold what you think is "good posture", be natural) and observe the following:

  • Look at your feet. Do they turn out? Does one turn out more than the other?

  • How about your hips? Does one hip look higher?

  • Move to your shoulders and notice if one is higher.

  • Does you head tilt to one side?

Now, stand on one leg at a time. Are you more balanced on one side?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then it's highly indicative of an imbalanced posture and misaligned joints. To compensate for this, your body will have to transfer workload to other parts of the body and over time this could lead to pre-mature wear and tear and pain. Time to get back to your functional best!


Understanding Alignment

In its original design the human body is perfectly balanced from left to right and front to back. The 8 load-bearing joints; the shoulders hips knees and ankles are vertically and horizontally aligned. When one joint gets out of alignment (which happens to many of us for an array of reasons), other parts of the body are compelled to compensate.

That compensation compromises postural integrity leading the misalignment and ultimately pain, barring recent trauma. 


The sight of the pain is rarely the source of the problem. If your wrist hurts it's probably because it is compensating for misalignment in your shoulder. Knee pain or back pain often

exists because of a misaligned hip. That's why treating a wrist for wrist pain or a knee for knee pain doesn't solve the problem, it only silences the symptom and only temporarily. 


Got pain, stiffness or just want better posture? I can help!

Have you been struggling with aches and pains, stiffness or just don't feel balanced? Maybe you've been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis or something else? Maybe you've tried stretching for hours, working out, massages, chiropractic adjustments, bracing & orthopaedic supports, medication or maybe even surgery - only to find temporary relief?


The above methods are great and might be needed, but they are mostly symptom focussed. In most cases, they aren't addressing the root cause of your pain - muscular imbalances due to crooked posture. It's like putting a band-aid on a very deep cut that actually requires stitches for it to heal.


I am a certified in the Egoscue Method which utilises gentle stretches and exercises to restore posture back to its design position thus eliminating pain. I work closely with clients to design a menu of exercises specific to each client's posture and pain. This method has existed for over 50 years and it has helped tens of thousands of people live pain-free; not through drugs or surgery, rather through restoring postural integrity by addressing the site and source of pain.


How To Get Started.

1-1 Customised Sessions:

  • 1-hour session to focus on your unique pain and posture needs. Meet virtually.

  • A posture and movement assessment.

  • A custom exercise menu:

    • Each exercise will be demonstrated. When it’s your turn, you'll be guided on your form.

    • You’ll get an email with your menu of exercises, including the exact order to do them.

    • You’ll also have online access to demos of each exercise.

  • Unlimited text and email support for 2 weeks after your session.

Online Group Sessions:

  • Join The Posture Project, an 8 week Posture Alignment Journey.

  • Weekly Zoom group classes to take you through a set of exercises.

  • ​Homework for the rest of the week with text and visual instructions.​

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